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I can't help but have Tom Antion back over and over again at our Mega Events. The meeting planner tells me that audience members scratch out the number 5 on our 1 to 5 evaluation scale and write in 10's when Tom speaks.

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Founder "Chicken Soup For the Soul"

"My fee has gone from FREE to $2500-$5000 for a workshop. Tom gave me the tools I needed deliver high-impact presentations to all kinds of audiences."
John Klesaris

"I was a 'good' speaker before, but I never knew the tricks of being "very good". I now feel I can speak on any stage and that when I'm done, I'll leave the audience with something to take home. I was a free speaker before I met Tom. Now I get between 1000 and 2500 per speech."
Manny Nowak

"Tom's speaking tips aren't just for the ol' boys club! His 'No BS' style was perfect for this savvy and sassy Sales Diva. I now make a BIG six-figure yearly income because of Tom's advice and I'm well on the road to a million!"
Kim Duke,
Sales Divas